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Gepostet von naturalsgirls über Jun 27, 2012

Good composition, after the application is sticky, so removed one star.

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Good and not too drying

Gepostet von 4749298547208470602 über Nov 16, 2012

Try it. I like it.

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à éviter pour les peaux sensibles

Gepostet von TesteuseNature über Jul 03, 2013

Petite lotion agréable. Douce et astringente en même temps, le tout avec une fraîche odeur de lilas. Packaging surprenant mais vintage-sympa. J'ai ôté une étoile, car j'ai le sentiment que cette lotion est un peu trop agressive pour mon épiderme: certaines zones (ailes du nez notamment) me brûlent lors de l'application et il semblerait que ma production de sébum accroît depuis que j'utilise ce produit.

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Pleasant to use non-drying formula

Gepostet von Penelope11 über Dec 21, 2013

I like Thayers alcohol-free toners; they are pleasant to use, non-drying and reasonably priced.

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Gepostet von Reviewer2497296 über May 27, 2014

I like a quality of toner. Makes your skin firm and fresh without drying. But smell is just awful, nothing like Lilac:)

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Gepostet von 5492334793567903923 über Sep 19, 2014

I've used it 4 times since coming product, and I have to say it has many plus points

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Does soften my skin but not suitable for Summer here

Gepostet von 5021785776965843175 über Aug 07, 2015

I actually pretty like this toner since it really does soften my skin. After applying it, my skin looks a bit brightener. However, summer in Hong Kong is pretty wet. It's a little "too much". I will just keep it and use it later. It's good, but I guess the weather and climate of the place you live are factors needed to be concerned about.

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Witch hazel toner

Gepostet von Reviewer1325083 über Nov 21, 2015

it does seem to soften skin after use. I always heard about the benefits of witch hazel for oily skin and large pores but didn't like how it felt on my skin. This one just feels like water, no residue, and doesn't stink.

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nice smell

Gepostet von Reviewer1873598 über Mar 10, 2016

I don't know about skin softening, but this has a nice gentle lilacs smell, and is very refreshing on tired skin at the end of the day.

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lovely toner

Gepostet von Reviewer1396855 über Oct 21, 2010

I'm used to toners with alcohol (Clinique) and this felt very different at first, so mild and almost moisturizing. After switching to this I got a few pimples on my cheeks, but I figured it was just caused by the impurities coming off due to deeper cleansing of this product. Now it feels that my face is feeling better and I wouldn't go back to using toners alcohol. Nice lilac scent and very cute bottle :)

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