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Gepostet von Reviewer1073445 über Sep 30, 2008

This product would be perfect if not for the addition of maltodextrin.

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Reformulated less than 1/2 as sweet as a year ago.

Gepostet von Reviewer2551858 über Apr 08, 2014

The old product was fantastic. Unfortunately this new product is less than half as sweet making it more than twice as expensive for the same thing we bought a year ago. In effect what we purchased a year ago is now costing more than $170for the same amount (iherb is still the least pricey). Not exactly sure why nu naturals would do that; I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt but at this point I'm looking for a new type of Stevia. Currently we've tried Stevia in the raw which I don't care for as well, but I'm making it work.

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Beats sugar

Gepostet von Reviewer2941186 über May 05, 2010

We use about 1/4 teaspoon where we would normally use 3 tsp of sugar. With a very few foods I notice the very slightest aftertaste. No sugar swings.

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Gepostet von Reviewer1513414 über Nov 02, 2008

Container could be more user friendly, otherwise nice taste and consistancy.

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so far so good

Gepostet von Reviewer2734437 über Oct 08, 2009

We recently purchased this stevia and found it much easier to work with than a previous order (from another company). It is not as concentrated, but also doesn't have too strong an after taste. It is also a bit more granular than the other which is VERY powdery, making it easier to work with. The only reason it is not five stars is because it is not quite sugar and we haven't learned to cook with it yet. Thank you!

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White Stevia powder

Gepostet von Reviewer1930608 über Jan 17, 2011

Great tasting, except wish it didn't have any maltodextrin in it.

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Good Buy

Gepostet von Reviewer2522848 über Mar 27, 2011

If tasted directly, this still tastes bitter, even though they say the bitter has been removed. However, mixed in coffee or oatmeal, it just tastes sweet, which is what you want. I do get kind of a head rush, though, from Stevia that makes me wonder about it's safety, but at least it's natural, unlike many of the other sugar alternatives...and if you like it, the 5 lb. bag is the way to go for major savings. It really is a decent, good tasting substitute, and Nunaturals is more edible than other more bitter Stevia labels.

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Best price, best product.

Gepostet von Reviewer2204251 über May 09, 2011

We've been using this stevia brand for Years now and can't do without it. Originally we were paying 3 times the iherb price!! Recently my hubby tried a different brand and it couldn't compare to NuNaturals.

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Great Sugar Replacement

Gepostet von Reviewer1171573 über Jun 13, 2011

I have been trying to improve my eating habits by eliminating sugar, and I am very excited I found this product. I am a cheesecake lover and found this no Carb/sugar version and using the White Stevia Powder for cooking was awesome. The best part is that do not have large quantities (after 2 attempts at making my cheesecake, I finally found the perfect amount to use), it is sweeter than regular sugar and therfore you need less. I will definetly buy tis product again

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stevia powder

Gepostet von Reviewer2289714 über Oct 14, 2011

Thank you for my product, arrived really quick..glad didnt pay any extra tax...great alternative to sugar, great taste...

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