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best b complex ever

Gepostet von Reviewer1018331 über Feb 26, 2014

Guys come on.....its because of reviews like these that companies are loading our supplements with chemicals. This vitamin does not contain all those so called "natural flavors/colors to make it taste and look good to make us want to buy it.....but this is what we should buy because its the real deal....its good for us, its what our bodies need to function the way it come on guys forget the taste, its pure and that's what should matter....

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I feel better now.

Gepostet von 5721219723395907532 über Jul 28, 2014

I found I had to have b12 injections because my b12 was so low that I was having memory problems! I Could not absorb b12 naturally. I started looking for a product that would save me from having to go to the doctors for injections! I found the b12 in this product! Then I was advised to take more of the 'B' s group for depression and fatigue. So I tried this product - b12+ all the Bs I needed. The difference is remarkable. Once I had trouble getting through each day:( now I have a renewed vigour!!!!! :) YAY

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Now I'm sure I've got some B vitamins in me )))

Gepostet von Reviewer2891273 über Feb 26, 2014

I've got Crohn's disease, so it's always a chance that the tablet will go through my intestines without dissolving. That's why I started taking the tablets in microlingual form. Vitamins B are of crucial importance to those like me. The taste is nasty, but it only lasts for a couple of minutes and I eat or drink something good after taking this tablet. It gives me more energy which I do need because I feel down due to cytostatic drugs. I think I'll buy it again!

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Makes me relax

Gepostet von Reviewer2170266 über Jun 09, 2014

The difference between other B complex is that "Superior Source" makes me calmer in five minutes, suppose the B quantities are the reason. Good for headache. Similar to "Life Time liquid B" but portable and no need to refrigerate. 60 tablets, may be too short. Make it higher! :)

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Great B-complex vitamin

Gepostet von Reviewer2963961 über Feb 13, 2011

Disolve right in your mouth, no need to digest, full potency. Really like these...

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Good Energy

Gepostet von Reviewer1550058 über Jun 16, 2011

I was looking for a sub-lingual source of B, however, this product does not taste very good and I would not advise letting it dissolve under your tongue.

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Bad Taste, did use much

Gepostet von Reviewer2350202 über Sep 27, 2011

These have a strong, unpleasant taste. We did not use them for long.

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Bad taste

Gepostet von 4771393442837609291 über Dec 11, 2015

I love the other Superior Source microlinguals I have tried, like the no shot B12, but this one (the B complex) tastes awful! There's no way I can dissolve under my tongue, and even to swallow it I have to wash down with a sweet drink rather than water because of the taste. Why can't they use the same flavour as their other ones? The Vitamin D and B12 sublinguals are not unpleasantly flavoured like this one. I'm sure it delivers the vitamins, it just tastes horrendous!

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Dont' believe the reviews

Gepostet von 5656137955047421201 über Feb 18, 2016

This tastes disgusting. I was gagging after I put it under my toungue

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Moldy product

Gepostet von Reviewer2655417 über Mar 06, 2014

I do not wish to say too much here, but my bottle had black spots in it and smelled off. This company needs to improve their quality. Pity.

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