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Different than what I expected

Gepostet von Reviewer1302102 über May 14, 2009

I know quinoa is very nutritious but the flavor of the flour is very strong and did not taste as good as I hoped it would in pancakes

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Different taste

Gepostet von Reviewer2147901 über Jan 29, 2012

I tried this for pancakes & waffles due to wanting a gluten free option. They really didn't turn out bad, but I had to add a lot more stevia to sweeten them up than I normally do. I do like the low calories and low sugar. I will purchase again but may mix it with another flour for my sweet treats.

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Still unopened

Gepostet von 5116640392345431828 über Nov 26, 2012

The product looks like it'll work just fine, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. That doesn't mean it won't get used though ^_^

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Living Au Naturale

Gepostet von Reviewer1479485 über Jan 05, 2009

A purchase for my mom who is sensitive to wheat products, she made some very delicious apple walnut bars. Great product!

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Good Stuff

Gepostet von Reviewer1768594 über Oct 21, 2011

Really good flour.

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