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NOT as sweet anymore!! what happened to my fav stevia??

Gepostet von Reviewer1315573 über Nov 04, 2013

Agree with the two most recent posters. I thought I was actually going mad )) But i needed to double the amount of drops in order to get my sweet taste. I don't think my taste palette is changing as other stevia blends work as effectively for me. SHAME ON YOU NuNaturals!!

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changed recipe

Gepostet von Reviewer1267590 über Dec 26, 2013

I've been using NuNaturals Clear Stevia on a daily basis for the past four years and just received my latest batch. Prior to this batch, I've newver had any complaints on the taste, it was always perfect for my morning coffee with no after tastes or bitterness. Apparently, NuNaturals has changed their recipe because the taste is now bitter with a horrible after taste. I have read other loyal customer's of NuNaturals having equal experiences with their new recipe. I usually don't write reviews but because I buy 4-bottles in one order it looks like I am stuck until they're done and used up, especially since each bottle cost $8 plus dollars.

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Gepostet von Reviewer2234685 über May 13, 2012

I have had stevia in the powder/ crystal form and it was quite delicious, unfortunately this liquid form was not. Tasted kinda chemically to me, maybe it was just the brand but I was not satisfied.

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can't judge

Gepostet von Reviewer2520911 über Jan 24, 2008

came all squished out of bottle into the bag. unusable

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