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Excellent for skin, hair and bones

Eingestellt von Healingbyrosie am Aug 18, 2012 | Verifizierter Kauf

I love this product. I found it to be effective in improving the quality of my skin, hair and nails. Also I was taking it for bone health and found it to really improve my scoliosis (curving of the mid spine). I would recommend taking this for bone health over calcium as the research is proving that calcium does nothing to build bones (magnesium, silica, sulphur and phosphorus do). Also the calcium taken in through supplements actually does damage to your body and stick to bones and glands like barnacles on a ships hull, forming a shell around itself and causing all sorts of arthritic problems etc. This is an organic silica product and of very high quality.

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Жидкий кремний-элемент молодости

Eingestellt von YAkina am Jun 03, 2015 | Verifizierter Kauf

Кремний соединительный элемент для строительства суставов,сосудов,хрящей, слизистых, является антиоксидантом, обеспечивая профилактику возрастных изменений, морщин,способствует укреплению волос и ногтей, помогает в борьбе с болезнетворными бактериями гриппа,герпеса различных грибков, лечение угревой сыпи. Купила в качестве эксперимента. Этой бутылки мне хватило на 25 дней(колпачок в день), препарат не из дешевых, вкус скорее нейтральный, хотя ощущается привкус минералов.Какого-то конкретного улучшения не заметила, кроме того, что ногти может меньше стали слоиться, так что делайте выводы иметь или не иметь... Кремний содержится в крапиве, полевом хвоще, морских водорослях, зародышах пшенице, меде. Кроме того можно купить кремень в аптеке и самим настаивать воду.

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Excellent for joint flexibility and support

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Okt 22, 2013 | Verifizierter Kauf

I have used this product and Orgono Gel, Organic Silica for a month and my knee joint and lower back pain disappeared and found it to really improve my body flexibility, I would recommend taking this product for joint flexibility. Thanks iherb!, I will keep taking it.

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Good product

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Aug 17, 2012 | Verifizierter Kauf

Lower back pain disappeared and overall wellbeing increased when I started taking this. I did feel positive benefits and went through 2 bottles. Now I feel I no longer need it. Would buy it again when I sense my body requires the nutrient. Thanks iherb for your great service.

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This is an amazing product

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Mrz 09, 2017 | Verifizierter Kauf

Such a brilliant product. Its amazing for your hair, I now have such long finger nails and feel fantastic

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Miss Nadia

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Apr 07, 2016 | Verifizierter Kauf

No after taste. Seems really efficient.

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Silica .. my most important supplement

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Nov 18, 2014 | Verifizierter Kauf

I buy this one because I'm aware of its history, development ... it's an extremely high standard product, almost unique amongst silicas I believe.

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Do bring in the sports version!

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Okt 20, 2014 | Verifizierter Kauf

Sports version is highly recommended as it contains more silica. iHerb please bring in the sports version pretty please?

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Excelent for arthritis

Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Mai 10, 2012 | Verifizierter Kauf

I have used this product for a couple of months and it definitely works for arthritis. I will keep taking it

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Eingestellt von iHerb-Kunde am Sep 16, 2014 | Verifizierter Kauf

amazing product! after one month of use (orally)in combination with the gel, my knee tendonitis is gone!the knee is still a bit sensitive. but i can go back to my pain ,no swelling. silica taken orally couses a sort of dehydration and dry skin. you need a lot of water. tastes almost like water. fast ,proper delivery(Europe) thank you iherb.

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1-10 von 35 gesamt

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