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Substitute for usual sugars, especially any containing fructose

Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Sep 01, 2008 | Verifizierter Kauf

I find this to be an excellent product, and it produces excellent baking results as well. Maltose raises blood glucose much, much more slowly than does any other sweetener. But then, everything I have ever bought from iHerb has been excellent. Thank you.

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Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Jan 26, 2008 | Verifizierter Kauf

I love this product. I had been purchasing it from a local store and your price is much better and with UPS delivering I do not have to carry it up to my 3rd floor apt myself. I dilute the Brown Rice Syrup by half so that it is pourable. I pour 1/2 into another jar...then fill each with water...put them into the microwave and heat for 2 1/2 minutes. Take them out and stir, cool down and refrigerate . I use it in Coffee (1/2 coffee and 1/2 Choc Rice Milk and about 1/2 inch of the syrup in the bottom of the cup) A Great Latte, and great on cereal too. I cannot have sugar and this is so much appreciated.

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Perfect for Soy Milk

Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Apr 24, 2008 | Verifizierter Kauf

After 12 years as a vegan, I've finally started making my own soy milk. My goal has been to come up with a recipe that tastes as much as possible like Soy Dream Original, my favorite commercial soy milk. Lundberg's Brown Rice Syrup has been a huge help: it tastes great, the price is right (it takes about two and a half tablespoons of Lundberg's for two quarts of soy milk), and it enables me to have a healthy, natural soy milk for my cereal each morning.

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Очень вкусно

Gepostet von swetik über Dez 03, 2012 | Verifizierter Kauf

Как подсластитель в выпечку он попасть не успел. :) Попробовала и подсела. Теперь кладу на хлебцы или ем просто так с чаем. Карамельная консистенция, легкий аромат хорошего свежесваренного риса, не приторно. В чай и кофе класть не стоит, т.к. напитки теряют аромат и некрасиво мутнеют.

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We love it!

Gepostet von BreadwithHoneyfavorites über Feb 11, 2011 | Verifizierter Kauf

Like a cross between honey, molasses, and maple syrup. Perfect for baked goods and pancake making.

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So yummy!

Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Jun 16, 2009 | Verifizierter Kauf

I bought this product to use as a healthy alternative sweetener in baked goods. So far, everything I've made has been wonderful! It has a nice buttery type flavor that really tastes great. I can not believe I have never had this before. I am going through it fairly fast, I just wish they made it in larger amounts :)The texture is smooth after baking, moist, and it has definitely helped me feel full. I will be ordering more!

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Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Jan 22, 2008 | Verifizierter Kauf

Wonderful, sweet mellow flavor and consistency.

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Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Jun 18, 2014 | Verifizierter Kauf


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The perfecgt amount of sweet

Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Aug 15, 2009 | Verifizierter Kauf

I cannot have regular sugar so when making cookies, this sweetener along with dextrose really come close to the real thing. I recommend for anyone else who is fructose intollerant.

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Gepostet von iHerb-Kunde über Jan 26, 2008 | Verifizierter Kauf

Fast shipping, good price, and a quality product. The syrup has a mild sweetness. The company is eco-friendly. I will be ordering more.

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1-10 von 72 gesamt

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