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Zölle, Steuern, & Gebühren

It is standard practice for the China Customs office to collect duties, taxes and handling fees on imported goods, depending on the content and value of the shipment. Customers are responsible for these charges and they are paid to the China Customs authority directly.

In an effort to provide our customers with a better overall service, duties and taxes are included and collected at the time of checkout to expedite Customs Clearance so that you will receive your order much faster; no further payments are required at the time of delivery.

PCR (Postal Composite Rate)

Steuerfrei, falls Zollbetrag unter CNY50, wenn höher als CNY50, werden Steuern berechnet.

CERI ( Cross-border E-commerce Retail Import )

Cross-Border Clearance (CERI): For CERI Clearance, Chinese customs requires the order Buyer and Payer must be the same. China Customs also requires the "Payer" information to exactly match with the "Cardholder" information registered with payment companies for all orders shipping into China. Please kindly confirm before making the purchase. Please note, this clearance method has an annual spending limitation of RMB 26,000 (Include all oversea purchases using CERI, Not limit to iHerb purchases), please check your balance with customs by clicking here.